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Nutrisystem, headquartered in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, is a commercial provider of weight loss products and services. Initially, the company offered weight loss counseling and products in brick and mortar centers. In 1999, the company moved to a direct-to-consumer business model, selling its products and programs on the Internet and through a call center via 1-800 numbers. In 2010, the company moved to a direct-to-consumer business model, selling its products and programs on the Internet and through a call center via 1-800 numbers.

Jade is really frustrated with her purchase, "My Nutrisystem shipment of frozen food arrived completely thawed. No surprise because there was NO DRY ICE in it. I was on hold with customer service for 30 minutes only to have the person who picked up pretend like they couldn’t hear me for about 30 seconds. Loud pop music in the background as they shouted “Hello? Hello?” Before I got routed to voicemail. I paid almost 400$ for this stuff, and it’s not even that great but I was willing to stick to the program for another month. I’m better off getting fresh food. Now if only I could get some help getting my money back for a mistake that wasn’t mine."


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Nutrition Counselor (Former Employee) says

"What a joke! Was hired on the spot only to find out that if you don't have a college degree you get a dollar less in pay. Since when do you need a degree to work in a call center. Training was ok. They pressure you to up sell their products. Management is a joke. You get 2 Monthly reviews based on quality from a lead and your sup which I think is stupid. Breaks are 10 min long which is also nuts. If your lucky the hours are 9-6 Mon to Fri and have to work 1 weekend. Otherwise your stuck with a lousy 1:30 to 10pm Monday to Fri shift. Bogo commercial is a joke its pay double and get next month free not a buy one get one free."

Customer service, counseling on Nutrisystem programs (Former Employee) says

"They do not respect you as an employee, and the work/life balance is non existent. The management has no tolerance and they don’t care about their employees."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Every October, November and December they start hiring for there projected "diet season" In training they tell you how once you hit the floor there will be tons of calls. In reality our training class hit the floor & within 12 days there anticipated sales were not even close to there projections so they cut 43 employees with the lowest sales that just happened to be most of our training class of course. I'm sorry but after 12 days on the floor most people were still in learning mode they should not have been included in the cut!!! There were people who left good jobs and came to Nutrisystem after being told how wonderful the company was and how much money they would be making etc. I felt so bad for those people, there was another guy who was doing great he got sick in the first month he was on the floor and he brought in a doctors note. About 2 weeks later the guys father was dying in the hospital so he took off to go be with his father and his family and he was fired because of some rule that you cant call out more than one and 3/4 of a day in your first 90 days, Im sorry but if someones father mother brother son daughter are DYING have a little compassion for gods sake and people can not help it if they get sick during the first 90 days of employment. Another thing about the company is the products are awful. In the 6 months I was there I tried just about every item they had and honestly 90 percent of there food is unhealthy and disgusting. The managers were ok. The co workers were pretty nice and there gym is ok. One other thing the floor manager is terrible shes a nasty"

Senior Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for and the benefits suck room for advancement. They play favoritism. And they pick and choose who they want to promote"

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"They have a tight chain of management that is nothing but more concerned of micromanaging you it's like being under the FBI lights you have to wear a fob that you have to use to enter through every door so they track your location you're on camera Everywhere You have about four managers that watch every move you make you have to write on a login Note 8 on your phone when you go to the bathroom or get a drink it's horrible I had laryngitis and a sinus infection with a doctor's note and couldn't speak high fever my first time of calling out on a job in 2 years and I received a write-up and the next day I couldn't talk and still had the fever so I called out again in which I knew when I came back was going to result in termination because that's how they are so I didn't come back it was an agreeable termination although I didn't agree on it because I had a doctor's note and I went to the doctor twice to try to get rid of a sinus infection it was a chronic one and I had laryngitis I don't know how you can make phone calls with laryngitis but it was difficult and then you can't get up and go get something to drink or cough because then it affects your report card in which you're going to get wrote up to it just is a terrible mess there I left there and found another job and I'm not micromanaged I show up to work on time I have no problems get another job if you're thinking about getting this one don't waste your time and all about numbers then their clients...going to bathroom or getting up to go get a drink gets recorded and goes on a weekly report card in which you can"

CCA (Former Employee) says

"I don't want to hear about how "we're sorry this position wasn't a good fit for you" because this job would *hardly* suit anyone if they consistently treat people the way they treated me. I was straight up lied to, in order to "legitimize" my termination. I was there from April 1st to June 25th. Sounds like 3 months right? I initially had an error on my account that said Sept. 1st was the end of my probationary period, and I'd had it changed to June 1st. The manager HIMSELF told me June 1st. But when I took an unscheduled sickday the workday before, *suddenly* my probationary date had changed to July 1st. Like...since when though? Where was the documentation for this? I'll tell you, there wasn't any. I qualified for a program that would only be available to people AFTER 3 months, so how was I still in probationary??? But when they say you're fired, you really can't fight it. And I didn't even want to, to be honest. The job was AWFUL. It's a 14.50/hr job, and I felt like throwing myself out of the 3rd story window EVERY.DAY. It was horrible. They rushed you on the phones with elderly people who suffered strokes and never fully recovered, or had dementia. Their call volumes are high because they don't KEEP anyone employed. And they don't bother hiring enough people to handle these calls, so you end up with 100+ calls in queue per day, and *every* single client will complain about it. To you. The person who can't do anything about it :) Except give these 70+ clients an email to voice their complaints. Which 90% of them will not do.they had a kitchenette that could gain a ton of weight stress eating."

Inbound Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"They left you to sink or swim.. Poor communication no matter how many questions you ask. Fast training to the point where I don't recommend leaving your jobs for. I left my job to go to this job and the fired mew without good reason. Shady company they don't give you any type of lunch during diet season.. somwhat ok christmas partyzero tolerance for personal mattersThank you for your feedback. To clarify a few points: We do offer a 2 week paid training that includes product and sales training. You have the ability to shadow tenured reps and work with our 3 person Sales training team. There are assessments to evaluate learning, ensuring that all New Hires are retaining and understanding information. While I'm not sure of your specific situation, we do no terminate without reason. In every termination situation, we have a personal meeting with the person to review reason. Almost 40% of our Sales team has successfully been employed for over 2 years. I'm sorry this role was not the best fit for you & we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors."

wlc (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this job to my worst enemy. the stress isn't worth it. Management doesn't take responsibility for anything! customers are often unsatisfied with services of the companyThank you for your feedback. I'm sorry this role was not the best fit for you, but I wish you the best of luck in your next career opportunity."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"They hire and fire within less than three months. No room for advancement nor growth. Disorganized management team and poor communication between themselves. Everyone looks out to themselves. They pick your hours and time off and you could be fired at anytime for not reaching "quotas".. it;s set up for failure. They control your commission and how much of it you will get, if not reached you will receive $12/hour until fired.Close to turnpike and shopping centersStressful Unethical Environment"

Member of the specialized retention team (Former Employee) says

"This was my first real job after college and I did not know what I was getting in to. The main reason I took the job was to help people, but in reality I was resolving mistakes that were made by the Sales teams when they sold the product to the customer.Thank you for your feedback. We acknowledge that our environment may not be the best fit for everyone. We have high hopes for all employees who start with us, so we're disappointed that it was not the right fit. I wish you the best of luck in your next position."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Money is good when your new to the floor. Majority of the call volume is sent to new associate's line while others who have been there for some time have to scramble and possibly find a part time job. But no worries the management gives you an incentive "diet season" where your promised to make lots of money and you will forget about the 3 months of struggling, behind on bills, and frustration. I've personally seen people get carried out on a stretcher due to stress of trying to make commission. Oh yeah and the metrics are ridiculous while you are not getting as much calls as you used to you still have to meet your metrics per month or your canned! Good luck!!Free pizza every other week, gym next to cafeteriaManagement is know where to be found majority of time, experience pay cuts"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"No real structure and did not adequately train new hires. Did nt care about their employees. Employees were stressed out due to management. They only push to save their jobs.No opportunity to advance and chronically understaffed. New CEO had too much to fix.Thank you for your review and unfortunately you did not have a good experience with us. Please note that all new hires in Customer Service are provided a paid three week training including on the job experience to gain confidence with clients prior to going on the phones. From a staffing perspective, we do staff up significantly in the 4th quarter of each calendar year and recently hired 20 new employees in our Customer Service group. It is difficult to understand where things fell short for you based on the review, but I do wish you the best in your future endeavors."

phone rep (Former Employee) says

"Great learning experience, fast paced environment, generous employee discount. Occasionally celebrities who endorsed the product came to the office. Typical call center environmentgym/ fitness aresnone"

Weight Loss Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Did not care much about family/work balance. It seemed as though they tried to set their employees up to fail. They tried to make it seem as though they cared about the customers, but they really only cared about sales. Tough position as a counselor."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"A good product in the weight loss industry, but a dying corporate environment. Want to see an industry leader on its last legs? Do a case study here. Management is horrible and lazy, like the last person mentioned. Employees are a revolving door--Nutrisystem does not care about employees, rather just want a warm body on the phone. No room for advancement. No stability. employees live in environment of fear, is the reaper coming for me next? Code of conduct and medical information is from 2000 and you are told during training not to listen to medical information, just get the sale. Training sucks, management sucks--the job can suck. And the for sure sign of a dying call center--why are there so many empty seats?"

Counselor / Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was so bad. Please keep looking. It really isn't a good place to work."

Client Services (Former Employee) says

"Poor communication between departments. Heavy turn over. Favoritism toward friends and relatives of senior management. It's a crazy disorganized place that has no idea how to run a company. They terminate 100s of people then deny/appeal their unemployment because they are so desperate for money. It's very clear the company is headed no where.gymprepare to be worked to to death with little pay"

Escalated Email Specialist (Current Employee) says

"No advancement, eliminating jobs to india, no concern for their employees, no formal training, management team is very unorganized. coworkers are great but they are a very stressed out bunch of peopleno advancement, bad computer system to wrork on"

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the customer service department for almost 3 years. I didn’t mind the first year but after that I can say without a doubt I will never work for this company again. I’ve been called many inappropriate terms and threatened by these customers and I was told I can’t disconnect the call if the customer is irrate like that. The rules don’t apply to everyone, just the non favorites, supervisors just stand around and talk all day and wonder around the office. No one is available to help you there are Team Leads and supervisors, but not one of them will take an escalated call when that’s their jobs too! The leads will say well try this or offer them this (IVE TRIED ALREADY HENCE WHY I AM TALKING TO YOU!) and the supervisors just tell you it’s not their job to take an escalation. And I applied for several different positions within the company to help better my career because I wanted to at one point advance within this awful company and I was told that everything was great in the interview process but was never given the opportunity because they are not willing to train if you lack experience in one area. You are treated like a piece of meat. You can attend work functions like summer bbqs but only during your lunch. Meanwhile there are other people who just hang out outside all day long and socialize. But you are required to be on the phone at all times. Oh and PLEASE don’t get me started on bathroom breaks... whatever you do don’t go more then 1 time a day if your on the phones! It will be counted against you in your performance reviews. This company is awful with communicationCan’t think of much besides Christmas partyShort breaks, not allowed to use bathrooms, management never willing to help with irate customers, poor communication between floors and departments"

Call Center Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"- My tenure lasted a little more than 2 months as business analyst for the call cente - Workload given to me was at least 2-3 times of what 1 person could reasonably complete while also producing quality reports and analysis - Each week additional reports were assigned to me with additional asks and demands....led to a lot of stress and anxiety... Manager would often sweep by my cube with admonishments on progress or new assignment due yesterday - Elaborating, assignments were nearly impossible to complete accurately due to lack of time, inheriting messy files, lack support and changing priorities during the day. - Further elaborating, additional assignments were often given during the day usually coming from upper management...Could come at any time, usually towards the end of the day.... - Wound up working 10-11 hours without lunch break and taking things home - Furthermore, employees will rat on you for minor offenses like making a call to my bank during lunch, forgetting to put cell on vibrate,and even looking at a text message (from my wife stuck in the middle of a snow storm). Manager literally jumped down my throat when he walked by and saw me lean over to look at my phone. This is just a synopsis of a toxic environment. Turnover (firings and quitting) are very high. This company does not provide a professional environment, it works more like a high level sweat shop. Company tends to hire people who are marginally attached to the workforce. These people tend to be very loyal and will work the extra time because they are just happy toGym - which you never have time to useMoles in each unit"

Kama says

"They sent me a second shipment before I had a chance to cancel. The food is bad. The 2x a day “snacks” are pure junk food. I’m going to see if my local food bank will take the second shipment, because no way am I eating this crap for another month. It’s just gross. The customer service rep hung up on me when I started complaining about the food (nice, great service!). The giant styrofoam cooler is not recyclable, and now I’m stuck with a second one. It was a just a really bad experience for me. There are better ways to lose weight. "

Diana Jaquith says

"I wish I could post a picture of what this system provides for a days worth of food, it’s practically nothing for over $12 a day. The food is not healthy food at all! A breakfast bar with 160 calories in it has 28g of carbs 12g of sugar and 7g of protein. The advertising is deceiving it’s not 4 weeks of food at all! When I called to cancel they also said I had to pay $125 to cancel. The app is sub par- I’ve used other free apps that work 10 times better than the nutrisystem app."

Melissa Nicotera says

"My husband and I have purchased Nutrisystem for about 6 months and we stopped right before the holidays. All the food was stored correctly in the freezer and when we wanted to go back on it a few weeks ago we pulled out some snacks from the freezer and I was shocked that the snacks had mold on them. The ones that were not moldy were stale. I reached out to Nutrisystem and they said since my order was over 30 days ago they can’t do anything.

Really the foods best by date is not for months and you say since I bought it over 30 days ago you can’t help. That is crazy.

I will not be using Nutrisystem again!!!!"

Medo says

"They refused to give me full refund after I returned the items and customer service agent was rude and hang up the phone, according to their policy on their website you get FULL refund if you are not satisfied with your order by returning the remaining items.

Never again."

MIke Y says

"Ok so I get the auto delivery so you get consistent meals.They didn’t auto ship my order when they should have. They can’t expedite all they do is say I’m sorry. That doesn’t help when you are supposedly on a health plan. Horrible horrible service. Will look for the other company that can do a reliable service."

Dan Wnetkowski says

"Its all crap... chalky snacks only thing good was the popcorn its hard to mess that up. Food it super processed salty garbadge my dogs food looks better never again will I order a food subscription... this was the biggest waste of money I have spent in my entire life."

Debra Oppenheim-Blanco says

"Ok so I get the auto delivery so you get consistent meals but then they don’t deliver. I had to order an interim order because they didn’t auto ship my order when they should have. They can’t expedite all they do is say I’m sorry. That doesn’t help when you are supposedly on a health plan. Horrible horrible service. Hint...find a local chef that offers healthy meal service it’s way more worth it."

eric esquivel says

"Nutrisystem is the worst. Rarely do I complain, however I will be spending my entire night leaving awful reviews about them to warn people of their unethical behavior and awful customer service. I must assume, that any good review was paid for.

My problem was that I ordered a meal package, tried changing the order an hour later, but got charged for two meals instead. I tried calling to cancel, but couldn’t cancel in full. I was advised I would get a credit on dry food that wouldn’t be shipped. Two months later, I still haven’t received my refund. Called customer service and they have been awful. The food isn’t special and I warn people to stay away from them because they try to con you into paying for more meals. If it wasn’t for their awful customer service, it might not be so awful. I doubt I’ll ever receive my refund that I was promised. Don’t risk it and try a company with better values."

Caroline May says

"Joined Nutri System in 2020 for two months and lost four pounds! I followed everything and worked out on my treadmill daily!! I called and declined additional shipments but they sent the frozen items which I wanted to return but they refused. When I received my credit card statement in June Nutri System had charged me full price for TWO shipments which I DID NOT RECEIVE! They told me to contact my credit card company, because they could not help me, which I did. NEVER do business with a credit union credit card with VACU! That was June this is now November 2020 and still no refund! Option suggestions welcomed. I will be contacting the BBB on Monday. Basically Nutri System has stolen my money for a product I did not receive!!!!"

Iris Davis Silk says

"I decided to try Nutrisystem and foolishly took the two-month deal. For some reason I received both months at once causing a real storage problem. But the problem got worse when I tried the food. It's over-processed, poorly seasoned, and mostly inedible. If you can stick with this for more than a day, I admire your determination. Calling customer service for the guaranteed refund will get you nothing but grief, the agents are trained to offer you alternatives and generally give you the runaround. I gave up and am donating mine to the homeless shelter. I reckon if you're starving, it's better than nothing."

Bob says

"I got the food from my dad as he was tired of eating it. This is probably the worst tasting food ever. You can easily lose weight by going to store, learn to cook a little and just eat smaller portions. Overpriced frozen food for people that don't want to put the effort into losing weight...its not hard people, wake up!"

Gabriela Teresa Alexander says

"Terrible food and company ethics! I signed up for the basic diet plan to see if I was going to like it. First the food came with several missing items, it did not added up to 4 weeks (5 days per week). Second the food is nasty, you lose the weight only because is portion control. The quality of the food is so bad that my dog would not eat it! And when I cancelled I got charge $125 cancellation fee for not continue for a second delivery.
Please read before you commit to this program. Frozen foods at Publix tastes better, just count the calories.
This is basically a scam to get your money cause they know must people are desperate to lose weight and they prey on our vulnerability .
Complaining does not help either, I had to call several times for the missing items and they did not get it right.
Do not waste your money!"

Mike N says

"Congratulations I paid to starve myself. After finishing my first week I called and cancelled. I was getting dizzy and was extremely weak feeling after the first week. I was told because I started my order a couple of weeks after I received it I would have to pay the 125.00 dollar cancellation fee. I could have lived off a thousand calories a day without spending a high quantity of money. I really feel their advertising is deceiving and prays on people."

Jerrold Pearson says

"Wow! I thought I'd be sharing perhaps an uncommon opinion of the Nutrisystem product, but from the *1/2 total rating with 1,904 Google reviews, I guess the truth is OUT! Well, my * rating does actually bring the overall average down, as I feel it should as I write this.

But I won't go on & on about it -- just want to help someone else avoid the hassles we experienced. "We" being my wife & I who were doing the Partner Plan up to recently.

We had been customers for 4 months as of not long ago, but through it all we had to call to address shipment concerns on easily 4 out of 5 orders. Whether delayed, or lost in transit, or melted on arrival, we had constant issues with getting the food in a timely manner. Mind you, the "Partner Plan" is for meals for 2 (5 days per week) for two weeks. Doing the basics, that means that every 2 weeks a shipment must be sent in order to receive one every 2 weeks...try convincing them of this.

And then there's the plan: admittedly there were other issues occurring simultaneously with our plan issues -- but I have no idea how things could be so complicated in their POS system; fact is, when a company seems to just never be a able to "get it right", more times than not in my opinion it's simply a ploy to make you give up and give IN. Well, it half worked: we've given up and we are all GIVE OUT!

Here's why, the final straw on the camel's back: we signed up for the plan at regular prices, and then on one of the numerous calls of complaint we were offered a $50 discount EACH 2-WEEKS if we would pay for the month (2 shipments) in advance. So we did, and the first shipment went perfectly. But then the system got itself confused again somehow, and the 2nd shipment went M.I.A. We got the replacement sent overnight (thanks for doing that at least, Nutrisystem) but it was still fabulously late, especially considering as mentioned above that the expectation is to stay on this plan as a routine with shipments to be sent every 2 weeks.

The CSR who assisted us forwarded us to a manager who SAID that because of the hassle, we would be billed for every shipment individually...but they would STILL HONOR the $50 discount offer. Well, that was true only for the past couple shipments, only because we had to call EVERY SHIPMENT to get the credit, until our most recent shipment was due for processing, at which time the latest CSR basically told us to take a flying leap regarding the $50. After a LOT, LOT of crap which I have spared you the most of, we have called it quits.

I have no intention of entertaining a return; regardless, I would NEVER go back unless they would honor our original deal...and just be aware that you may have to be more involved with communicating to Nutrisystem than you would ever expect to if you sign up.

The bottom-line: I feel like for 4 months this company has made me FIGHT to give THEM money. W-T-__?"

Mary Shuh says

"Some food was terrible, others were just OK, but very processed. The worst part about Nutrisystem is that they hook you in with auto delivery (I didn't know this when I signed up). They automatically charge you every month and you don't know this until they call you to tell you your next delivery is on the way. When I told the operator that I didn't want this order she said that there was a $125 cancellation fee. I asked for a confirmation of my cancellation, but I still haven't received it. It's impossible to cancel on their website because you can't find anywhere on the site to cancel. Beware of this trap!"

Melissa Lawmaster says

"I tried Nutrisystem for two deliveries using Costco gift cards to pay (saved about $120 that way). I agree with previous reviews that say the food is unpalatable. I’d have been better off going to buy Swanson dinners for $1 each at the grocery store to get the same exact quality. You definitely get what you pay for and Nutrisystem is a prime example of that. Also, they ship their frozen meals in a GIANT FOAM full size cooler. It’s so incredibly wasteful, ship in boxes that can be recycled!
I also live in an apartment with no dumpster and only a small city trash can so literally had to haul this stupid cooler to work which luckily has a dumpster for me to throw it out in. I enlisted the help of my fiancé to help me finish the food because I honestly couldn’t stomach it. I didn’t lose any weight because I hated the food and just ate whatever I had left in the pantry. The only good thing that came out of it was me wanting nothing but fresh home cooked food for many weeks after that to cleanse my palate and body, and when I did that I lost a few pounds which has been great.
Stay AWAY from Nutrisystem. Waste of time and money and quality is garbage."

Cathy Gorbunoff says

"Have been waiting for a refund that should have processed October 5. When I called customer service the first time, they said it was pending & joyfully said it will be there any day now. WRONG. Never showed up. I called three times today only to be disconnected so now I can't even get thru to your shoddy customer service to inquire about a refund that should have been given to me long ago. Avoid Nutrisystem at all costs unless you want a lot of grief. I know they answer these comments with send your name & phone number associated with your account. So, when I do that, they take forever to get back to me. I WANT MY REFUND. Getting so sick of your crummy service."

Bill musseman says

"I'm sorry to say, some of the food is OK, but most of it is terrible. Many items like the shredded pork smells like cat food and tastes what I assume cat food taste like.
The food arrived in good condition and the breakfast and frozen items are somewhat edible.
Any items that are not muffins, shakes, bars or not frozen meals are unedable.
If you let them choose your 30 day meal plan, you will get all the terrible food experienced dieters would never order again.
If you decide to try this plan, select all your own food and stick to frozen meals.
Better to cook your own and stick to the Whole30 diet. Which has really been great for me with real food."

joanna samford says

"First off they use Marie Osmond a human quilt as spokeperson. No one will look like her using nutri system without extensive plastic surgery. Second the food is expensive and does not come with the veggies you need to maintain good health, so that is a added expense. Third once you sign up you are obligated for several months to stay on program. It is just as easy to buy diet dinners in grocery store or cook meals yourself. The food is processed and drab tasting. Customer service is not good either unless they are trying to hook you for 3 more monthd. I would not reccomend this product."

Andrew Martin says

"I recently ordered the one month program to give it a shot. The frozen portion of the delivery arrived mostly thawed out with no dry ice remaining in the cooler. The cooler container was room temperature on the inside and there was the smell of “old pizza” when I opened the container. I am hopeful that all items are safe to eat and I immediately moved them to my freezer. I am just irritated and concerned that this is how the items arrived. I understand that shipments may take an extra day or two because of high demand and everyone is ordering online these days. But Nutrisystem should come up with a way to ensure the frozen items they ship remain frozen during shipment as it could potentially be a food safety issue. When customers pay hundreds of dollars, we expect a high quality product. Not impressed with Nutrisystem’s delivery method and will not be a repeat customer in the future."

Alizy Fatima says

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